I have so many dreams and aspirations, personal and professional that I want to achievIMG_5248e in life. Getting good grades and excelling in my classes is very important for me this semester. I am in the running to have an internship with NESN and the Red Sox over the summer so it is crucial for me to thrive in this class. My dream job is to be a sideline reporter for the Red Sox. However, I would be incredibly happy being a reporter for any team in the MLB or even the NFL. Some of my favorite activates are skiing and swimming. My parents put me on skis basically as soon as I could walk. There is nothing like the thrill of skiing, the wind hitting your face, the snow as it crunches beneath the skis with every turn. When I am skiing I feel as though all of my thoughts disappear. One of my favorite things is to fly down the trail while racing my friends and family. I have also coached skiing and it taught me vital skills for life such as patience, teamwork, and cooperation. Another activity I love to do is swimming, it is a good stress relief and a great work out. Some of my favorite media include Maroon 5 and chance and my one of my favorite shows is One Tree Hill. For as long as I can remember I have loved listening to Maroon 5. One tree hill has been one of my favorite shows because it is entertaining, dramatic and also relatable. I have done a lot of community service through out my life. As a Junior in high school I went on a community service trip to California. We went to work at the boys and girls club in long beach for two weeks and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Volunteering there taught me so much about myself as well as how fortunate I am. My freshmen year I lived on  the tiger serving others floor, which is the community service floor. I am also currently the chair of sponsorships for the Big Event. The Big Event is towns largest day of community service. Social media is a great way to stay connected to people in the society around us. My social media accounts are the following Facebook Twitter and Instagram.