Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass is one of my favorite movies. Something that was very shocking to me when I first heard about it was that it was based on a real person and story. The plot seemed so elaborate that it almost seemed made up, I mean how could someone who wanted to be a journalist their whole life do something like that?

One thing I found compelling about this movie was the fact that nobody that worked with him ever questioned his stories, and when he was eventually questioned everyone hated the editor and felt bad for him. I knew what the movie was about before I watched it. However, something that kept me captivated was how hard worked to make up these stories and cover his tracks. It would have been less work to just find true stories even if they were a little less interesting. I almost found it humorous how much he did to be liked and respected and that it was all based on lies.

A new idea this movie introduced to me is the idea that there are some journalist who will do what ever to get their name and stories out there. It also brought the ideas of fact checking to my knowledge. If only Glass original editor had done some better fact checking on his own maybe the New Republic would have been put in that situation. This movie made me realize how important the role of fact checking is. And how to never trust somebody’s word about a piece no matter how well you know them.

I think one of the most important things I took away from this movie was it is important to stay truthful and ethical no matter what. As a journalist people rely on you to get their information so it is wrong to be selling them lies. I understand that people want to be successful in the field but what is the point of going through all that if your name is just going to be tarnished in the end. I will never put my morals in jeopardy for a good story, it’s just not who I am.

I would deffinalety reccamend this movie to others. Not only is it extremely entertaining, it is also suspenseful and you can’t help but wonder whats going to happen next, how they will find out and how the story will end. One of my favorite parts is at the very end, by then you know there are a ton of twists in the story but I could have never seen that one coming. Another reasons I would suggest people to watch this is that it teaches you a lot about the industry of journalism and what goes on behind the scenes.



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