Consuming Kids Response

The red carpet, the fans, the fame, the money it is all so glamorous. Growing up I wanted to be a star, I wanted the fame and fashion that my favorite childhood actors had such as Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez. I had all their CD and merchandise and practically idolized them. I never really thought about the deeper meaning of why until we watched this documentary.

How could I not want to be like all the characters from my favorite shows when it was always around me. As stated in the film the goal of these shows and companies is to assimilate their brands into children’s lives. Scooby Doo and Arthur were two of my favorite shows when I was younger. I always wanted the scooby fruit snacks or the Arthur mac and cheese. Looking back now it was because I felt  connection to these characters because it was like the people in the shows were now in my life even if it was just food. You felt a bond with the characters in the shows so of course as a little kid you were going to want the food. But it is not just food I had from my favorite shows or celebrities it went much deeper. Lizzie Mcguire was all the rage when I was in middle school and I had her night gown. I practically lived in that night gown when I first got it. Consuming Kids was right I literally went to bed thinking about her. Without knowing it the shown was consuming my life.

Something I learned from watching the video was not only was it just products that were taking over children’s lives it was also the ideas and values taught in the shows. Hannah Montana was one of my favorite shows by far, I even cried when it ended. However, watching the documentary I realized that there was various episodes that were horrible influences for children and taught them all the wrong values. It was extremely shocking to me that a child show I loved so much could portray those values and I didn’t even notice until I watched it back in class.

I think it is horrible that there are people out there prying on young children and their innocence. Though they do not know it children are getting taken advantage of at to young an age. If they do not have the newest toy or accessory from a show and everyone else does they are excluded or they feel left out. These marketers are essentially creating a way from children to begin bullying at an even earlier age and it makes me sick. Children are taking away the completely wrong values from these people and what is worst is these marketers do not even care, they are just worried about the money. I get everyone is going to fall victim to the trap at some level, I know I did and my parents certainly did to a certain degree. But if parents could be educated on what is actually happening maybe sales will go down and the process of using children as bait will stop.



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